(Pocket-lint) - Harman Kardon isn't the only company making a Cortana device.

Smart speakers are everywhere. Amazon now offers - count them - five different Alexa-powered speakers, while Google has the Assistant-powered Google Home, and even Apple is expected to launch its own Siri-powered smart speaker at WWDC 2017 next month. Microsoft and Harman Kardon also recently introduced Invoke, the first Cortana-powered speaker. But it looks like Microsoft isn't stopping there.

In an effort to trump Amazon and other rivals, the company announced while at its Build 2017 developer conference that it has signed partnerships with HP and Intel to bring more Cortana-powered devices to market. Microsoft explained that HP is planning to integrate Cortana into devices, while Intel will focus on reference platforms. Either way, expect Microsoft's assistant to become much more ubiquitous.

Keep in mind this follows the news that Microsoft launched a Cortana Skills Kit in public preview. The company basically gave developers the ability to create skills - or even port existing Amazon Alexa skills - over to Microsoft's platform. This should drastically improve Cortana and make any upcoming Cortana hardware more useful. Let's also not forget Microsoft's recently leaked HomeHub feature.

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Microsoft appears to be planning a smart home control feature, or at least the first stages of it, which will become part of Windows 10, possibly in the next update due in September. HomeHub is being designed and developed to become the central control hub for families, and of course, being a Microsoft system, you will be able to control everything with your voice via Cortana.

Writing by Elyse Betters.