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(Pocket-lint) -  Electric Jukebox is the latest music streaming player to hit the UK. It's backed by celebrities including Robbie Williams, Stephen Fry, Sheryl Crow and Alesha Dixon and aims to add nearly 30 million songs to your TV.

The Electric Jukebox TV Stick plugs into an HDMI port on your TV and then connects to your Wi-Fi network. You then use the included controller to point and click on songs and albums you want to listen to, or use the built-in microphone to issue voice commands.

You also get the option of creating your own personal playlists and mixtapes and there's even curated content which is tailored to your personal preferences.

Electric Jukebox has signed deals with the major record labels Warner Music, Sony Music and Universal Music, as well as several others, so you can be pretty confident in knowing the music you want will be available on the surface.

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For £169, you get the Electric Jukebox TV Stick and controller, as well as a 1 year Premium ad-free subscription. After the year is up, you can buy another year's membership for £52, making it cheaper than its major rivals Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer. You can choose to not pay the £52 and instead use the service but with adverts. Electric Jukebox will be available to buy from tomorrow in red, blue and charcoal finishes for £169.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 8 November 2016.