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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos and Spotify have long been associated with each other, but the relationship has become even closer as you now control your connected music system from the Spotify app.

Initially available on select devices and as part of the Sonos Public Beta 7.0, the feature is now available to all Spotify Premium subscribers with a Sonos music system. The feature has been reserved for Android, Apple Mac and PC users until now, but iOS users can now reap the control benefits too.

Anyone with a Spotify Premium subscription now has the ability to fully control what music plays through a Sonos system without having to open the Sonos dedicated application. It also gives access to grouping and ungrouping of rooms.

The app gives you the ability to send whatever you're playing on Spotify to any Sonos speaker in your home, instantly. This includes Spotify playlists. Grouping all rooms together means you can control the volume of all speakers at once.

Friends and family can also gain control of your system through the Spotify app without having to download the Sonos software. And you no longer have to be on your Wi-Fi network to control Sonos, you can even send songs to it remotely.

To get the new feature, make sure you've downloaded the latest versions of both the Spotify and Sonos apps to your device. You can find out more details on the dedicated Sonos webpage

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 1 November 2016.