(Pocket-lint) - UK-based Cyrus Audio has introduced a compact amplifier that's affordable.

The high-end stereo system maker is describing its new Cyrus One amplifier as a provider of "high quality audio" but at an tolerable price point. It is a 100-watt-per-channel amp with features like a built-in phono stage for connecting a turntable and Bluetooth streaming. It offers Bluetooth aptX connectivity, so it's always discoverable and lets you easily stream music from phones and tablets.

There's also a built-in class AB headphone amplifier that automatically activates when headphones are plugged in. The power supply going to the main amplifier switches over to the headphone circuits, which Cyrus Audio has claimed performs better than any standalone headphone amplifers. Also, when your headphones are unplugged, volume will be returned to zero to protect your hearing and headphones.

The amp has been fitted with a phono stage to boot, thanks to the resurgence of vinyl. And there's four additional inputs for other devices. You can even us the Cyrus One in home cinema systems due to its AV Bypass mode. You won't have to worry about which speaker models match your amp either, because it has an automatic speaker impedance detection system that tests speakers and adjusts the amp accordingly.

Cyrus Audio

This compact amp therefore does all the hard work for you. As for updates, Cyrus Audio said you will be able to grab the latest firmware and new features via the amp's microUSB port. The Cyrus One, which measures 85x220x390mm, also has front panel LEDs you can manually dim and a a high-gloss black finish with rubberised controls.

If any of this interests you, the Cyrus One will cost £699 and be available from retailers across the UK starting this summer.

Writing by Elyse Betters.