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(Pocket-lint) - Ever wanted to hear Donald Trump say something sensible? Or maybe just sing a bit of Adele? Well perhaps now you can, for the American political candidate - well known for his controversial speeches and slurs - has been made into an actual speaker. Ok, so he hasn't, but his likeness has.

Yep, Mr Trump is the latest focus of Russian artist Petro Wodkins, whose Sound of Power speakers - which resemble classic porcelain heads or "busts" - are hand-made in Sweden, limited to 100 pieces, and then put up for auction.

We caught glimpse of the new piece - entitled "Donald the Great" - at CES Asia, based in Shanghai, China. Which is rather apt as we all know just how much Trump "loves China".

"Play the people who play the world", reads Sound of Power's tongue-in-cheek slogan. Other political heavyweights in Wodkins' limited-edition range have included Vladimir Putin ("St Vladimir"), Kim Jong Un ("Kim Sunshine"), and Margaret Thatcher ("Maggie").

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donald trump has never sounded this good because he’s been made into an actual speaker image 7

Each of the pieces is hand-crafted and polished, then sold under auction for varying prices ranging into the thousands of dollars. Who'd have thought anyone would pay so much for a cast of controversial leaders with, um, the side of their heads caved in?

Anyway, back to the tech side of things. Donald the Great sounds pretty good (in this context at least) thanks to an in-built 20W amplifier tucked away into the wooden stand, supporting the head, which carries a 4-inch driver for mono output.

Somewhere between tech, art, politics and comedy, Donald the Great gave us a moment of amusement in among the bustling halls at the Asia show. Especially with a bit of Rhianna blurting out the side of his head. Now there's two names we never thought we'd type in the same sentence...

Writing by Mike Lowe.