(Pocket-lint) - Hidden has unveiled a new, smart, and networked speaker system that can adapt to the shape and layout of any room in order to immerse the entire room with lossless-quality audio. It's called HiddenHub.

HiddenHub features a built-in accelerometer so that it always knows its own orientation and can deliver an omnidirectional sound experience. Other specs include a "glass fiber, reinforced polymer endoskeleton", four high-definition drivers, and a neodymium subwoofer - so you should hear deep bass.

A clean, minimal shell, which is being described as an "industrial" design, encases all of that hardware. It's also equipped with a smart dial on the top that you swipe to adjust volume, play, pause, skip, etc. As if that wasn't cool enough, Hidden's new speaker has a blue ring that glows.

Hang the HiddenHub on a wall, and it effectively doubles as a sconce!

Hidden has an app so you can always control HiddenHub with your smartphone or even an Apple Watch. And if you want to sync HiddenHub up with other Bluetooth speakers spread across your house, you can do that. It wirelessly connects to both the HiddenRadio1 and HiddenRadio2 speakers.

HiddenHub can even detect when you're in a room. So, when you leave the house, it pauses your music. Then when you come back, it seamlessly picks up where it stopped earlier and starts emitting 360-degree sound. Amazeballs.

If any of this interests you, go to Hidden's Kickstarter page to grab the limited early-bird deal of $339. That's a huge savings over the speaker system's expected $599 retail price.

Writing by Elyse Betters.