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(Pocket-lint) - Linn has unveiled two Hi-Fi systems under a new line called Series 5 - and what makes these systems standout from similar audio offers is their unique fabric.

Described as a "textile speaker covering," the speaker fabric comes in various designs that consist of three weaves and 11 colours, but they're all are part of a new collection from Linn known as Linn Fabrik. The audio company partnered with Timorous Beasties and Harris Tweed Hebrides to create the covers.

Within the new Series 5, there are two systems to choose from, including the 530 system, which starts at £12,000. It has a pair of slim speakers which feature the Linn Isobarik bass system as well as house amps and Exakt technology. They also work with the Akurate network music player.

The second system is the 520. It starts at £9,250 and features smaller speakers. They measure 224x892x218mm, while the 530's speakers measure 233x954x325mm. They also use the same network music player as the 530. You can get all these speakers with Harris Tweed fabric or Beasties prints and with a white or black top plate.

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The Linn Fabrik collection isn't due to release until early 2016, but Linn plans to launch more collections throughout 2016 and beyond, meaning you'll be able to update your new Series 5 speakers with new Linn Fabriks over time.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 13 September 2015.