Braven has a new Bluetooth speaker. It's called Braven Balance.

The manufacturer is at CES 2015, showing off its newest product ideal for people with an active lifestyle. Braven Balance features a low profile, ultra-thin desgn, and proprietary bass optimisation technology that allows for "room-filling bass", all of which makes it a speaker meant for environments such as fitness studios and locker rooms, according to Braven.

Other features include IPX5 waterproofing and anti-slip exterior, meaning you can get sweat all over Braven Balance and it'll be just fine. It even has a 4400mAh battery that charges your mobile devices, as well as a hands-free speakerphone with noisecancelling. You'll therefore be able to call your mum and enquire about carb-overload dinner plans whilst doing your cardio.

Braven Balance will launcg in the second quarter of 2015 for $149.99. It'll be available in six vibrant colours, so you could match your speaker to your workout gear, if that's something you tend to do. Colours include Raven, Alpine Raspberry, Electric, Sunset, and Periwinkle.

We're not sure about price and availability outside of the US, but stay tuned, as more details could surface as CES 2015 comes to an end.

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