(Pocket-lint) - Spotify users now have affordable multiroom speaker options from Philips allowing them to stream music anywhere.

The Philips SW700M and larger SW750M use Spotify Connect to allow users control of Spotify from a mobile using the native Spotify app. The speakers can be bought as single units or as a pair but can be combined with up to four at once.

The SW700M features two 2.5-inch full-range drivers. The larger SW750M has two 3-inch full-range drivers along with two tweeters and twin bass ports.

The speakers sound easy to use with a Spotify button on the speaker that continues playing what you're listening to in that room. So if you go from the lounge to the kitchen a simple button press in the new room will result in the music carrying on where you are.

The speakers can be controlled via phones and tablets and will continue playing even if that device receives a call – making them interruption free.

A SpeakerSet app allows you to setup the speakers and also to group multiple speakers into a single set with up to four blasting out the same music at once, should you want it.

The Philips SW700M is £90 and the larger SW750M is £130 exclusively on Amazon until 2015 when they will become more widely available. They require the Spotify Premium subscription to work.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.