(Pocket-lint) - Harman Kardon has announced its new Omni wireless speaker system which looks set to tackle the likes of Sonos in music streaming.

Unlike other offerings out there Harman also offers it Harman Kardon Adapt which allows people to upgrade their current home stereo system to work with wireless speakers. That means you could incorporate your current system into a house-wide speaker setup all streamed to and controlled by your smartphone.

The Harman Kardon Omni speaker system works over the existing home Wi-Fi network. Using the Omni 10 and Omni 20 speakers the entire home can be made into a music streaming system. Both speakers will work with high quality audio meaning a stream of CD level 24-bit/96kHz Studio Quality sound.

The Omni offering can be used by combining two speakers as a wireless stereo system or even five for multi-channel sound. You can also place a single Omni in each room and enjoy music playing throughout the house. Since the speakers are wireless you can place them anywhere and vary the way the system works whenever you want. Combine this with Harman Kardon Adapt to turn current speakers into another part of the network.

One Touch Follow Me Audio allows you to walk from room to room with the sound following you, only playing in the room you're in at the touch of a button. This also works for streaming from Bluetooth. Further applications will be coming soon as Harman's developer community has access to the software to create new uses for the speakers.

Harman Kardon Adapt will be £100, Omni 10 £160, Omni 20 £250 and they will all be available from mid-October in the UK.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.