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(Pocket-lint) - Cromatica isn’t just a light and speaker combination, it's a beautifully designed software and hardware open-source centrepiece.

The half-speaker half-lamp is made by Digital Habits who has a history of creating well-designed audio equipment. This is the first time the crowd-funding site Crowdrooster has put a project up for funding. Cromatica has already made €8486 of its €20,000 goal.

Cromatica looks like a sleek, unobtrusive slab of light that can sit anywhere thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This allows it to be used as a speaker but also lets users control the myriad RGB LED light options from the accompanying Android or iOS app. Touch sensitive controls are also built into the unit for instant control.

An exciting thing about Cromatica is its Arduino hardware and open source nature. It means the light-music combination possibilities are many. There's already an accompanying app that lets users set an alarm to wake them gently using natural light increases and music from a Spotify playlist.

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The hardware of the Cromatica is also open source as the outer shell will be available to download and 3D print in any colour or design a user wants.

Innocenzo Rifino , director of Digital Habits, said: "The Cromatica is a multi-purpose light-speaker but it is also our vision of the evolution of electronics, a vision that is moving in a more human and open direction. Crowdrooster have helped tremendously by opening our product up to a wider community whilst giving us the chance to generate enough funding to share our concepts more widely."

Cromatica is available now on Crowdrooster from £123.

Writing by Luke Edwards.