Gramovox isn’t just a unique looking feat of design and engineering, it’s the world’s first Bluetooth gramophone. That means you get high fidelity, classic sound with those timeless good looks.

The Gramovox is based on the 1920s Magnavox R3 horn speaker, 'cos if it ain’t broke... And that vintage sound certainly isn’t something you want to lose, especially if you’re a jazz fan.

The horn is acoustically optimised to amplify music generated from the walnut wood base. When the Gramovox begins being mass produced the horn will be made from steel and brass to ensure fidelity. This can start once the Kickstarter campaign, which is already well over target, reaches completion.

The Gramovox uses Bluetooth 3.0 to allow you to stream wirelessly from your device. There is no mention of aptX compatibility but with that classic sound it probably wouldn’t be needed anyway. That gives a good 30ft range and 15-hour battery life. You can also connect a 3.5mm stereo input and charge from micro-USB housed at the rear.

Check out the video, with good audio hooked up, over at Kickstarter and if you like it pledge $350 (£215) for yours.