(Pocket-lint) - The age of digital radio is well and truly ready to deal a death blow to analogue, as Halfords announces it will stop selling analogue-only car radios within two years.

From 2015 Halfords will offer only digital receivers, ushering in the switchover to digital. While two years sounds like a long way off, only 4 in 10 new cars have one, so to get rid of analogue altogether may suddenly be a shock. Imagine having bought a car not long ago that will need a new radio in two years' time.

Halfords CEO, Matt Davies, said: "Halfords is committed to a digital future and I am pleased to announce today that we are planning for our audio offer to be 100 per cent digital by 2015."

This comes off the back of a governmental announcement from Communications minister Ed Vaizey, who said digital was the future before setting out initiatives that will help spread digital listening.

In preparation for all the upgrades that will be needed when the switchover happens, Halfords has trained 1,800 employees to fit digital radio at 466 of its stores.

Halfords has developed its own exclusive brand of products and is offering digital converter kits. Prices start from £49 and fitting costs £30.

Halfords is offering 10 per cent off all digital stereo car radios and adaptors online from today and in store from tomorrow until 23 December.

Writing by Luke Edwards.