(Pocket-lint) - Audioengine has launched two new products, Audioengine D3 and Audioengine A2+, which are meant to bolster the audio output and sound performance of your computer-based music.

Audioengine D3 is a 24-bit USB DAC and headphone amp that plugs into the USB socket of any Mac or PC and to improve the audio output to headphones and speakers. Notable specs include native 24/96 HD audio, a high-performance headphone amp, an aluminium case, and a bundled 3.5-6.3mm headphone adapter. No additional power supply, cables or software needed.

The D3 puts "high-resolution audio ability in your pocket", according to Audioengine, by processing digital audio at any bit depth up to 24bits and any native sample rate to 96Hz. It also provides an asynchronous data transfer with dual master clocks, as well as high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion. It costs £165 at a wide array of retailers, including Amazon.

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The Audioengine A2+ is just an upgrade to the A2 speakers. Audioengine has added a USB DAC, new power supply and other unspecified enhancements. What's more interesting, though: You can now add a W3 adapter to convert the A2+ into wireless stereo speakers with uncompressed audio.

Additional A2+ features include built-in USB DAC, 30W per channel amplification, and support for all computers. It also comes in satin black or high-gloss white finishes. You can grab either colour from retailers like Amazon for £215. As for that W3 audio adapter, which is optional, it costs £125.

Writing by Elyse Betters.