(Pocket-lint) - Revo has just announced the expansion of its SuperSeries range with the SuperSignal DAB Radio.

The new SuperSignal will ooze retro good looks along with functional design for great quality sound. But now it’s more technically connected than anything else in the range.

The SuperSignal will offer DAB, DAB+ and FM with RDS. It also supports Bluetooth, meaning you can wirelessly stream music for your iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone handset, BlackBerry, tablet or computer. But it’s not just Bluetooth, you’re getting CSR’s aptX smarts meaning the audio quality will be the highest possible for a wireless Bluetooth connection.

SuperSignal also features a digital alarm clock so you can use it to wake you up in the morning. This allows for once, daily, weekday and weekend settings with dual alarm capabilities. Sleep and Touch-Snooze functions also work with the latter activating when you touch anywhere on the aluminium front panel.

The wooden cabinet is made from furniture grade walnut for its excellent acoustic properties. The front facia and speaker grille are constructed from anodised T6 aluminium for a top-quality finish. The screen is OLED and works with a joystick control for easy navigation.

The 10W Class-D amp and Balanced Mode Radiator loudspeaker tech should offer an excellent sound. Pick up a Revo SuperSignal for £180 from 27 November, or pre-order on the Revo from website today.

Writing by Luke Edwards.