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(Pocket-lint) - Damson Audio has unveiled Damson Jet, a twin mini speaker set that can deliver true stereo sound via Bluetooth.

Jet is sold as a two-speaker set in the one box, rather than as individual units, to show off its true stereo sound selling point. It's all wireless, so no need to plug in or trail wires from one speaker to another.

When sending audio to the Jet - whether from smartphone, tablet, computer or any Bluetooth source - the left and right channels are separated by the device and sent to the individual speaker outputs. Proper stereo. To do this the two Jet speakers need to "talk" to one another to ensure in-sync stereo audio however far apart they are placed. The limit of separation is around 10 metres, given the constraints of Bluetooth.

Each near-cylindrical speaker has a lithium-ion battery on board that can deliver up to nine hours of audio, likely less with Bluetooth active. Once that depletes, simply plug back in to a power source via USB and re-charge. If you want to use a wired connection then each Jet speaker can be used individually and battery life will last out for a longer period.

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The dinky speakers measure just 75mm tall and can deliver frequencies down to 200Hz. Not super-low-end, but then that's no surprise at this scale. However, the company has integreated what it calls "Incisor Diffusion Technology" - a foot at the base of the unit that utilises the surface it's sat on to resonate out bassier frequencies. It literally pushes soundwaves into surrounding materials to get a bit of extra low-end wobble. Fun.

Available from October, Damson Jet is priced at £150 and comes in a variety of colours including a limited edition "burnt orange".

Writing by Mike Lowe.