Interesting and diverse gadget online retailer Brando now offers a tiny, powered speaker for your mobile phone that will improve its audio output, yet can be carried around in a pocket when not in use.

The 3.5mm Ear Jack Mobile Phone Speaker is just 35 x 33mm, but carries a charge so is better than the passive speakers that you can normally plug in. The only cable it comes with is for charging the speaker through USB.  When connected to your phone it uses a small headphone jack so sits on top (or bottom, if with an iPhone 5) without much of a gap.

brando offers tiny powered mobile phone speaker you pop in the headphone socket image 7

There's not really much else to it, with just a small on/off button on the rear and an indicator light to show it's working and that's it. And because it uses the 3.5 socket it's compatible with just about any mobile device, iPad, iPod touch and other tablets and MP3 players.

Brando sells the speaker for $18 a pop (approximately £12) and will ship to Europe for an extra $3 (£2). The 3.5mm Ear Jack Mobile Phone Speaker is available in white, black or red and can be found at