Sharp has launched a new all-in-one hi-fi system, the DK-KP85PH, which is both Bluetooth and iPhone and iPad compatible. The unit uses two 25 Watt digital amplifiers with speakers mounted either side of a central CD unit.

It reminds us of the Bang & Olufsen Motion Command CD player, with its centralised disc and speakers on either side. Not a bad thing really, as the B&O unit was a beautiful thing when it launched. Sharp's unit looks almost as good and is a lot cheaper.

At £179, it's a great looking all-in-one for the kitchen or living room. Bluetooth and USB direct as well as Apple device support means you can play back music from pretty much any device.

The unit supports MP3 and WMA files as well as FM/AM radio bands with RDS. It is finished in piano black and comes with a stand and a wall mount. A built-in dock lets you charge any Apple device with a 30-pin connector.

A remote for the device is sold separately, as is a specially made iPad stand. Expect to see the hi-fi on sale from early autumn.