(Pocket-lint) - The Ruark R7 sees the combination of two things we love: good quality cabinetry and high-end audio. Available from autumn 2013, the Ruark R7 brings a very modern twist to a retro concept.

Finished in walnut, aluminium and glass, the Ruark R7 has removable spindle legs so if you don't want is as a table on its own, you can remove them to integrate it into your existing room set-up. 

But as a piece of furniture, it's a good-looking beast. There's a beautiful finish to it that screams quality, so even if you're not listening to the wonderfully rich music it will give you, it's still a talking point. 


In terms of functions you have regular FM, DAB and DAB+ tuners and with external aerial input. There's a slot-loading CD player in the front, as well as addition inputs in the rear, both analogue and digital.

There are also wireless options. The Ruark R7 uses Bluetooth and supports the aptX codec for high fidelity wireless audio from compatible devices and there's a charging port for your mobile device too. 

In addition, Wi-Fi is supported so you can hook up to your network to access content you might have on a sharing DLNA device elsewhere, as well as support for internet radio.


There's a neat portable RotoDial remote too that slots into the top of the unit. It connects via RF rather than IR, so you don't need line of sight to operate it and it also has a good quality feel to it.

There are two 5.5-inch stereo drivers and an 8-inch subwoofer, giving you 160 watts of output, powered by Ruark's Class A-B amplifiers. We've had the chance to see and hear the Ruark R7 in the flesh and we're impressed with its ability to fill a noisy room with music.

The R7 measures 175 x 1000 x 400mm and it weighs 30kg. 

Available to buy in autumn 2013, the Ruark R7 will cost you in the region of £2,000.

Writing by Chris Hall.