Gadget developer BBTradesales has brought a product to the UK that offers audio and light from the same device. The Lightbulb Speaker with Docking Station set contains two bulbs that screw into lightbulb sockets, each doubling as a 5W LED lightbulb and 10W speaker.

Each bulb also contains it's own built-in amplifier and as well as featuring an iPhone dock and 3.5mm jack for auxiliary input. The dock part of the set can control the dimming of the lights and audio volume independently.

The lights/speakers can also be zoned and dimmed from an AudioMotion Lightbulb System remote control, and the whole system can support up to eight of the lightbulbs and an optional subwoofer.

Two of the Lightbulb Speakers and the docking station cost £299.99 combined, while additional Lightbulb Speakers cost £119.99. A matching floorstanding subwoofer will set you back £139.99.

The bulbs are available in both screw and bayonet fittings.

They are all available now, from numerous stockists, including