British company AQ Audio has released a music system it claims to be the world's first to offer a direct connection to Apple's AirPlay technology without the need for a home network.

The AQ SmartSpeaker Wireless+ Portable can play back more than 10 hours of music and audio content before needing a recharge, and its also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows devices that rock Windows 7 or above.

It can be used up to 40 metres away from the source, and features two drivers capable of reaching peak power output of 25 Watts. The speaker system is capable of outputting stereo sound, but you can select left and right channel separation if you pair it with a twin.

The unit also features an auto power-down function and an ECO-friendly Power mode that will switch off the unit completely if it has remained out of operation for more than a week.

All streamed content will be played losslessly through the different audio technologies built in. That includes AirPlay for iDevices, the company's proprietary AQ Play app, which will soon be available for Android through Google Play, and using Windows' own "Play To" feature.

The AQ SmartSpeaker Wireless+ Portable is available now for £159, with a two-pack costing £299 and a four-pack £575.

You can buy it from AQ Audio's own website or just find out more information at