A new wireless Bluetooth speaker that can provide up to 100 hours of music playback from a single charge has been unveiled by HiWave Technologies.

The HiWave Endfire is currently only a prototype but can already be paired up to PCs, smartphones and tablets via a Bluetooth connection while three 2200mAh batteries help deliver the marathon battery life.

The 100-hour claim is based on “normal playback” so if you like your music extra loud, then you might need to charge the speaker a little sooner. Talking of which, the power levels can be topped up via a micro-USB connection. 

As a means of saving battery power, the HiWave Endfire automatically goes into standby mode when it’s not in use, but can be awoken by one touch of a button. In terms of audio, the HiWave Endfire Bluetooth speaker provides 30 watts of oomph from two full-frequency range wide dispersion speakers.

As it’s only a prototype model, the design of the speakers may well change, but we quite like the transparent shell HiWave has used.