If you use your computer as your main media outlet, and if you’ve got a couple of grand to spare, the Linn Kiko Music System might tickle your fancy. 

By synching the Kiko Music System to your computer's network, you’ll be able to play any music or audio you have stored or are streaming from your computer through the two-way Kiko speakers. Both speakers are powered by two amp module with 33 Watts RMS per channel.

Linn has also introduced several apps available for download to smartphones, tablets and laptops that enable the Kiko Music System to be controlled remotely by your portable device.

linn enhances network streaming range with the kiko music system image 2

There are a total of seven ports that can be used to connect multiple devices, including an Ethernet and three HDMI.

The Kiko Music System is available in six different colours: white, light blue, silver, black, champagne and dark blue. 

Don’t expect to get hold of one cheap. The Linn Kiko Music System is currently retailing for £2,500.

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