Be it in the bathroom or at the beach, Gizoo’s Portable Speakers Touchscreen Edition will keep your music player dry and free from everyday bumps and scuffs by encasing it into a splash proof case.

Compatible with any music device that sports a 3.5mm stereo output, including smartphones, mp3 and mp4 players, if the device has a touchscreen this will remain fully accessible, though protected through a PVC window. 

gizoo splash proof speakers keeps your phone dry and touchscreen accessible image 2

Any music player with a screen size of up to five-inches can be slotted into the pocket, while any music you have loaded will be played through the dual integrated 40mm speakers. Operating on two AA batteries, Gizoo says you can expect around 15 hours of battery life, with your power levels indicated by way of a blue LED indicator. 

Gizoo is selling the Portable Speakers Touchscreen Edition directly on their website now for the rather appealing £24.95 which includes free delivery.

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