Google has no plans to bring its Nexus Q media streaming device to the UK the company has confirmed.

When asked whether or not the Nexus Q would be coming to the UK, Stephen Rosenthal, communications and public affairs manager for Google UK ,told Pocket-lint that "there are no plans as yet".

The news will come as a disappointment to those hoping to get the new music-streaming device that will allow Android users to stream music from the cloud to multiple sphere looking devices around the home. 

The Google Nexus Q looks to take on a variety of competitors including Apple’s Apple TV or AirPlay systems, as well as the Sonos, the multi-room music system. 

Users in the US will be able to share a central playlist with each other as long as everyone is on Android and on the same Wi-Fi network. 

So no Nexus Q for the UK, straight from the horse's mouth. 

The Google Nexus Q: Google take on AirPlay and Sonos (Video)