Here’s a speaker system that is sure to get noticed - and that’s even before you crank up the volume. Edifier’s Spinnaker speaker system is going on sale from Apple Stores exclusively for a month from 1 July before being rolled out further afield to Currys and Comet.

Resembling something of an ivory tusk – only black, and made from plastic and metal – the Spinnaker is a Bluetooth-enabled kit, with each speaker standing 15-inches high.

Within each speaker is a tri-amped system, while Edifier has incorporated DSP technology for a clearer digital sound.

edifier s spinnaker tower speaker system in apple exclusive image 2

Supporting both A2DP and AVRCA Bluetooth profiles,  they'll pair up with nearly all smartphones and tablet devices. There’s also an auxiliary input to plug in any televisions, gaming consoles or media centre, while a separate super-bass output port is available if you wish to connect an external subwoofer. 

The speakers can be controlled via the wireless remote that takes the form of an aluminium dome, from up to 10 metres away.

The Spinnaker system will be available for £329.99 from 1 July from the Apple Online Store before arriving in Currys and Comet retailers from August.

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