The Roth KRadio iPhone dock, DAB, FM and internet radio has been around for a few months in black, but the audio specialist has now added other colours to its line-up. Available from May, the new range will include devices that come in blue, orange, pink, red, yellow and white finishes to match all manner of decor.

Other than that, the innards remain the same. The KRadio offers several ways to listen to music and an in-built alarm clock, There are analogue FM and DAB digital radio tuners inside, plus the device can link to your home network either wirelessly or through Ethernet and access the myriad internet radio stations that are out there, good and bad.

roth kradio dab internet and iphone dock now available in many many colours image 3

It is also a fully functioning iPhone/iPod dock and features touch motion controls on the front. Power output is 2 x 5 Watts RMS, and the internet radio functionality is provided via the in-built Frontier V6.2 module for superfast channel hopping. Plus, it can be upgraded to DAB+ if and when that higher-resolution service finally makes it to the UK, all from a remote software update.

Each Roth KRadio comes with a mini remote control, with the coloured versions to be available for £169. The black original is out now and has dropped in price a tad, to £149.