Speaker manufacturer Otone Audio has developed a new range of desktop speaker systems that have been tweaked in order to appeal to Britain's apparent love of particular types of music genre.

The innovative new system is the culmination of Otone Audio's "years of experience in the audio industry" as well as the work carried out with top designers on the continent and leading businesses in China.

What this means is that the speakers have been tuned to the British market, with the company carrying out extensive research in the UK  and then refining them accordingly. Whether this is just marketing hype or not isn't clear yet, we'll have to wait to get our hands on them to say for sure, however the company states that the speaker systems "better complement the more bass-centric sounds of dance, hip-hop and rock found in the UK market".

Gareth Thomas from Otone Audio explains: “By tightening up the bass drivers, which in turn reduce their response time, the drivers in our systems can move [in and out] faster and respond in sync with the [faster] beat of the music."

And not content with tuning speakers specifically for the music on this fair isle, Otone Audio continues with the bold claim that: "Otone provides better audio clarity and quality than any other directly competing sound system on the market at the moment, achieving this with equal or better sound at a lower price point than our rivals."

Still, all the speakers in the range look pretty smart, so let's hope the sound is mirrored by the decent design.

The speakers should be available by the end of January 2012.