If it's confusing bad grammar and expensive Hi-Fi setup that you're after then you've come to the right place, because Germany’s largest loudspeaker company, Canton, has just announced the your_Duo system and Pocket-lint is here to tell you all about it.

your_Duo is made up of three parts that each combine to create a wireless audio setup. Well, two of the three parts are required, at least.

You can either team up your_Duo, which is actually the name for the pair of speakers, with your_Stick; a USB transmitter for your PC or Mac. Whilst the your_Dock; a dock for your iPhone or iPod, will play nicely with either. Both transmitters have a 20m range.

Once teamed the your_Duo will belt out your tunes over three channels. After setting the channel you can pair your your_Duo (confused by the intentionally duplicated word there?) with up to three transmitters and for those wanting multiple speaker setups, you can connect as many speakers as you fancy to a single  transmitter.

Audiophiles will be pleased to hear that 24bit HD audio is supported and that the speakers have a  2x 50W output and a bass reflex system on board too.

Out now, a starter bundle consisting of a pair or your_Duo speakers and either a your_Stick or your_Dock will cost £599.99. Individually, your_Duo is £499.99, your_Stick is £129.99 and your_Dock is £149.99.

your_Wallet, therefore, is in line for a bit of a bashing.