The Arcam rCube has been revamped for 2011, dressed up in a white, Apple-friendly, chassis and getting a massive price drop.

No longer will you have to part with 500 of your hard-earned Great British pounds, £150 has been cut from the price - meaning the stylish wireless speaker setup is yours for £350.

Don't be put off by this speakers diminutive demeanour, the rCube is a real room filler. Measuring in at just 20 x 20 x 20cm and weighing 5kg, the rCube uses a lot of the tech that you'll find on board other high-end audio equipment from the Cambridge based brand.

On board is a 100mm bass/mid driver, with a bucking magnet to reduce magnetic interference and 25mm aluminium dome tweeters. There are three digital amplifiers from Maxim Integrated Products with two used in bridge mode for the bass/mid drivers and in stereo mode for the tweeters, and it has a total power ouput of 150watts rms. 

Arcam states that, in order to "avoid inter-modulation and reduce noise" there are seven separate power supplies to feed the various digital and analogue sections.

You can pump music over to the white rCube from your matching iDevice using either the rWand iPod docking dongle, or a standard USB dongle called the rWave - both are sold separately. This streaming is courtesy of Kleer tech, which means lossless audio over the airwaves (44.1kHz, 16 bit).

The rCube is portable too, at full volume you'll get about 4 hours playback, with a maximum of 8 hours at a quieter level.

For existing rCube owners, there is also new firmware available, free, that brings "marked sonic improvements, increased loudness [and] better bass".

It's available now.

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