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(Pocket-lint) - Ladies have smaller ears apparently. Yeah, right - Pocket-lint's nan has a pair of lugs so big that we think she went from being classified as an Indian elephant to an African one about 10 years ago.

Okay, maybe we'll accept that younger ladies' ears are smaller though - and that's probably the demographic that Altec Lansing is after with its Bliss earphone range.

In total there are nine new Bliss models across three price points, all designed to "fit petite ears while providing exceptional sound quality."

As well as being small and very girly (with jewels on the backs of the barrels) there is some decent sounding tech on board though. The Bliss range is noise isolating and the sound engineering ensures that the smaller components still provide good audio quality "with punchy bass and clear highs so small ears can experience big sound".

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"The majority of earphones currently on the market for women are just painted versions of male earphones; they are too large and uncomfortable for the female ear," said Raleigh Wilson, VP of sales.

"Altec Lansing’s new Bliss series earphones are specifically designed to be small while providing our renowned sound quality."

Out now, the Altec Lansing Bliss Platinum (MZX736) earphones cost £39.99; the Bliss Gold (MZX436) £29.99 and the Bliss Silver (MZX236) £24.99.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.