Onkyo has ventured into the wonderful world of iPhone speaker docks, believing it has got what it takes to make you go "ohh, ahh", in a similar fashion as when you cast eyes on its higher-end separates audio tech

Dubbed the iOnly series - comprising the Play, Bass and Stream models - the new models promise the usual "greater level of audio performance" that is sure to blow you away.

The iOnly Play (ABX-100) is topped with a sliding brushed aluminium dock cover and supported by a solid aluminium pedestal.

Slide open the cover and an LCD display that shows song information gently glows back at you. Functions are selected via touch sensors buried in the top panel.

The iOnly Play offers proper tone controls as well as an Active Bass function that makes automatic real-time adjustments to low bass frequencies when listening at low volume levels. Twin 6cm, full-range bass reflex speakers provide the sound.

There's a 3.5mm aux in socket for other components and the programmable timers and snooze/sleep so you can use it as an alarm.

The iOnly Bass (SBX-200) comes with 10.5cm woofers and incorporates bass management techniques derived from Onkyo's home cinema products. 

The speaker features a wide dust-proof slide-out dock - with a flexible connector - allowing you to fit everything up to an iPad and there's a free iPhone/iPad App that allows users to access the iOnly Bass's Clock/Sleep/Alarm/Play Music functionality. 

Those who don’t have an iDevice can opt to connect to the speaker via the built-in Bluetooth. Sound is provided by 2 x 20W of Class D.

The third in the new range is called the iOnly Stream. It’s Onkyo's portable streaming solution and will be unveiled in the near future . It’s expected to be AirPlay friendly.

No word on pricing as yet.