Prepare to be confused by complex hi-fi nomenclature and gadgetry as Pioneer launches a trio of micro stereo systems. The robotically named X-HM20DAB-K, X-HM50DAB-K, X-HM70DAB-K and X-HM10-K feature a range of different features to suit various audio needs.

The X-HM20DAB-K, for example builds on the X-HM10's CD player with iPhone and iPad docking capability as well as featuring better grade speakers.

Higher up the audio ladder is the X-HM70DAB which includes all the features of the lesser models, but adds internet radio and home network playback. There is also DNLA 1.5 connectivity. 

All three micro systems feature DAB radio (the name is a bit of a giveaway) and a sleek aluminium build. Pioneer has slightly upped the ante on the amplifier front with the X-HM70DAB which takes advantage of a class D amplifier. 

Price-wise, things start at £129.99 for the HM10, then jump to £199 for the HM20, finally topping out at the £449 asking price for the HM70. 

Expect the new micro systems to make an appearance in shops around Autumn time. 

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