Back in 2005 Monitor Audio released the i-deck, a rather dated looking machine by today's standards that borrowed heavily from the micro Hi-Fi movement with its separate speakers.

But now the British company is back with the the i-deck reinvented. The i-deck 100 and the i-deck 200 are much more in line with the iDevice docks of this decade, and have the looks (and price-tags) to go up against the likes of Bowers & Wilkins and Bose.

Both models feature C-CAM metal cone bass drivers (two 3-inch ones in the 100 and two 4-inch ones in the 200) and C-CAM Gold metal dome tweeters (two 19mm, or two 25mm). C-CAM is a ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium that was originally developed for use as blades in jet engines.

Alongside these is a bi-amp setup with a 2 x 30W Class-D power amplifier for bass, 2 x 15W power amplifier in the 100 and 2 x 50W and 2 x 25W arrangement in the 200. They also boast a 28/56 bit dual precision DAC.

Of course, there's an iThing dock on the front and there's also an aux-in around the back should you not like them Apples.

Out in September, the Monitor Audio i-deck 100 will cost you £299 and the i-deck 200 £399.