Marantz continues its tradition of ear-blastingly powerful AV receivers with the SR6006 and SR5006, both of which can turn out Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio. 

The receivers both come with cutting edge upscaling tech to turn SD signals into beautiful pictures for your television. For those who like plentiful HD devices in your sitting room, the SR6006 has no less than seven 3D 1.4 HDMI ports. The smaller SR5006 has six ports just in case you were worried about HDMI overload.

Built in AirPlay and the Marantz Wizz App means both players can be controlled wirelessly. A clever Marantz Dynamic Expander Version Two helps to improve audio played back through the iPod compatible USB port found on both AV receivers. 

The included Audyssey MultiEQ and Dynamic Volume allows for automatic setup to get the best possible sound out of the receiver with minimum fuss.

Both are set to hit store shelves from Mid July and will be available in either black or a silver and gold colour.

AirPlay fan? Or you prefer wires?