If you're looking for a bedroom-friendly iPod / iPhone dock that gives you more options than simple plug and play of your iDevice, then Teac may have just the dock for you with the SR-80iDAB Mini AURB.

Compatible with the latest iPods and iPhones, as well as a big list of older models, the Mini AURB will charge your Apple device whilst you listen to your tunes, and also boasts composite video-out options should you want to watch your small screen action on your TV.

But there's more to the Mini ARUB than its Apple friendliness - it also has DAB features (with 30 pre-set channels), a 30-preset PLL synthesised FM tuner, USB connectivity for MP3 and WMA playback. There's also some stereo RCA sockets on the back as well.

The sound shouldn't be too shabby either with a 30-Watt amplifier (2x15-Watt speakers) and Teac’s proprietary MAXX audio DSP bass enhancement system.

Available in black and silver, grey and silver or red and silver, the Teac SR-80iDAB Mini AURB is out now and costs £149.99.