Fancy yourself a nice 5.1 package that won't fill your living room with satellites and 'woofers? Well the Jamo A 101HCS5 could be your thing.

If the catchy name isn't tempting enough, then perhaps the idea of tiny two inch deep rectangular satellites is. Jamo has gone for a combination of design and sound quality, keeping things as compact as possible without sacrificing too much in audio. 

Available in high gloss black or white laquer, the Jamos should be relatively unobtrusive in any sitting room paint scheme, providing it isn't pink.

Also included is an A101 SUB which, as you may have guessed from the name, is a subwoofer. This provides the extra oomph needed for blasting out those big budget movies through a blu-ray player and tv. The sub is also quite small, making it easy to hide under TV or table.

With an rrp of £299, the Jamo is also a pretty convincing option for those on a budget. You could opt for a soundbar or perhaps a similarly priced 2.1 system, but then the same room filling audio qualities wouldn't be possible. 

Fancy a bit of Jamo?