To say this iPhone speaker is likely to give you the horn is an understatement (sorry we couldn’t resist), especially when the company that makes it is called Idwanc. No, really.

Childish nob gags aside, the Trumstand is a truly unique product in that it’s an iPhone dock that weighs in at a massive 4.3kg and is crafted out of aluminium and brass.

Clearly aiming to appeal to those who are looking for the Halcion days of their gramophone to return, it has a solid metal horn speaker fitted to the base and it looks somewhat like a traditional wind-up record player.

Apparently, the company is also making a big deal out of the fact that it sounds like a gramophone, for better or worse. It wasn’t exactly easy to judge the audio quality on the noisy show floor, but what we heard didn’t sound bad. 

The actual horn measures a mere 0.5mm thick, is hand crafted and then coated either with a silver or gold plating.

If this isn’t up to your standards, then there’s an option to get the entire horn made out of pure silver. The base is made from a CNC machined block of aluminium and it has a rear connector for the standard Apple sync and charge cable – nice.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Trumstand, expect to pay a minimum of £924 for the base model, which sports a clear coated brass horn, while £1,104 gets you the silver-plated version .

Those looking to push the boat out can opt for the pure silver horn, which will set you back a whopping £2,184 plus delivery.

Still, there’s a few months to go until Christmas.

And, to think, we managed to get through this piece without even mentioning "blowing your own trumpet".