OrigAudio's been around for a couple of years in the US, and it manufactures and sells all manner of weird and wonderful audio devices, such as the Fold and Play Recycled Speakers and the portable Volcano with a built in bass expansion.

However, its first foray into the UK comes in the guise of Doodle, an iPod and mp3 player speaker that can be printed with any picture you like on its front grille.

Costing £29.95 and available exclusively from the company's own website (www.origaudio.co.uk), each Doodle is a doddle to make (see what we did there?), with an online graphical user interface taking you through each step of the design phase. You simple upload a picture, add some text if you want, preview the final result, and order your speaker. Simple as you like.

It takes up to five working days to deliver, although we're told that it's generally more like 72 hours, and Bob's your uncle (although you've always suspected that he's not a real uncle).

Although it's not implemented yet, there will also be a Marketplace of designs for you to choose from should you not feel suitably inspired.

The speaker itself is small enough to fit in your pocket, so is thoroughly portable, and it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, so can be attached to any music device, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC, et al. It runs off two AAA batteries, and can even be powered via USB, with a cable supplied.

Pocket-lint will be checking out its own customised Doodle soon, so check back. And OrigAudio is currently running a promotion whereby you'll get 25 per cent off if you enter the code FATHERSDAY25 at check out.