Danish speaker manufacturer Jamo has moved out of its comfort zone and into earphones. The brand, owned by Klipsch, has unveiled it first range of in-ear headphones, with different models at varying price points suitable for all manner of audio-playing devices, including the iPhone.

The entry level pair, Jamo wEAR In20m at £69.99, feature an in-line microphone for voice calls, so will work on most mobile phones, including the iPhone, but doesn't feature remote volume control.

They, like with the other models in the range, also sport a moving coil micro-speaker design with controlled damping, characteristically delivering a full bodied, smooth audio experience. And a single neodymium magnet motor structure in each of the 5.78mm drivers is capable of delivering a frequency response of 12Hz-18kHz.

At £79.99, the wEAR In30 earphones dispense with the mic in favour of pure audio performance. A dual neodymium magnet motor structure in each of the 8.5mm drivers offers a wider frequency response than the In20m pair, rated at 10Hz-19kHz.

And then there's the flagship model, the Jamo wEAR In40i, which are essentially for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners (as the latter two can use VoIP services, such as Skype).

They have the same audio characteristics of the In30 buds, but with the added bonus of an in-line microphone and iDevice remote control (for volume). Different colours are available, black and white (presumably to suit your new iPad 2), and they'll set you back £89.99.

All of the earphones have been voiced by Jamo engineers, and come with 2-year warranties and alternate ear gels. They'll be available across the UK from the end of this month (March).