We've had battery power. We've had mains power. We've had wind-up power. We've even had turtle power. But we haven't had shower power before. At least, not in the radio sense, as the H2O Shower Powered Radio is the world's first such device that is completely run on water pressure.

Sitting between the water pipe and the shower hose (on the faucet), the H2O Radio has been designed by the team behind the Wind-up Radio, and is powered solely through the motion of water flowing through a small micro turbine which, in turn, charges the internal Ni-Mh cell. That means that there is never any need to externally recharge or replace batteries, and it's completely waterproof, so will remain in the shower permanently.

The radio itself is FM only, with simple controls for on/off, seek left and right on the bandwidth and volume. It has an FM receipt range of 87.5 - 108MHz, so should be capable of finding all the stations in your area, and a 15uV sensitivity. Audio output is claimed at more than 80mW.

If you've heard of the brand before, it's because it previously appeared on the BBC's Dragon's Den, having been showcased by managing director of its parent company Tango Group, Vivian Blick. However, the dragons declined to invest, but that hasn't stopped Blick from seeking new ways to expand: "Having seen huge success with the commercialisation of the Wind-Up Radio; we were constantly looking into new ways that further innovations in the radio sector could be made," he said.

"Creating the now-patented micro turbine technology, that allows the radio to operate solely through the flow of water, was the key to our new innovation; and thus the world’s first water-powered shower radio was created."

The H2O Shower Powered Radio is out now at £34.99, and is available to buy from the Tango Group's website at www.tangogroup.net.