There's a growing pressure nowadays to allow children to have access to all sorts of media, which in previous generations just wasn't available. So if you're not sure that your young one is ready for a television in their bedroom, despite them nagging, just yet, the child-friendly Magicbox Minuet DAB radio might just buy you a few months.

The Magicbox Minuet gives access to up to 250 commercial and 34 BBC radio stations and comes in the choice of black or pink. Like most DAB radios, the time, date and stations are automatically added, making for easy setup.

Information about the digital station is displayed on a clear, backlit, two line display, revealing station names in alphabetical order rather than by frequency, whilst information about the stations is scrolled across the vivid screen and displays a range of data from signal strength to station information.

In addition to the DAB radio receiver there is an FM radio receiver to access all of the local FM stations with RDS information. For children wishing to listen to their music privately the radio comes equipped with a headphone socket.

Available now, the Magicbox Minuet is priced at £29.99.