Okay, so its performance may not be up there with your Bowers & Wilkins dock, and you've probably not got the functionality on board to rival your Pioneer setup - but come on, have you ever seen such a cute looking iPod dock?

And not just cute either, but trendy too as (and you fashionistas already well know) the monkey holding onto the iPod is none other than Julius - the mascot of American designer Paul Frank.

The Julius Dance Machine has up to 6 hours play time under normal usage conditions, contains dual 2.5-inch full range stereo drivers tuned with enhanced bass and extended highs, and has a 3.5mm stereo mini plug for audio input.

Ryan Heuser, president and co-founder of Paul Frank said: "Some creative partnerships are just meant to be. This one is like peanut butter and jelly.

"By juxtaposing our two very unlike companies together we are combining inspired technology with inspired design. The end result being a blend which enhances the audio and visual aesthetics for the customer and creates something pretty delicious."

The Julius Dance Machine is available at every Paul Frank retail destination in the States or online at PaulFrank.com. It costs $99.95.