Logic3 has announced the arrival of six new iDevice docking options, with speakers for both iPads and iPhones (or iPod touches) on offer.

First up we have the Logic3 i-Station26 (pictured above) that is a budget docking option, with a 2.1 speaker system, two 1.8-inch mid-range drivers and a 3-inch sub-woofer.

This bedroom friendly dock has FM radio on board and an alarm clock and the dock charges your iPhone or iPod. It also has aux-in, video-out and is yours for £69.99.

logic3 i station docks have six appeal image 3

Another bedside table, or office dock is the i-Station Lite, which at £34.99 offers the charging facility of a desktop dock with a FM radio and stereo speaker packed in.

If you want to go a bit more upmarket for your iPod / iPhone dock then Logic3 is also offering up the i-Station Combo or the i-Station SoundBar.

Starting with the Combo, it throws in a CD player too and also has FM radio playback from its 2.0 speaker system.

logic3 i station docks have six appeal image 5

It features a large LCD display for time and radio functions, front-loading CD player and can stand alone on a desk or table, or be wall mounted. It's £99.99.

The SoundBar is the same price as the Combo and has a 30 RMS speaker system that combines two 2-inch mid-range drivers and two 2.8-inch sub-woofers.

logic3 i station docks have six appeal image 6

It also has two aux-inputs and can be connected to your television via composite or component. It's also wall mountable and there's a free app in the App Store for the FM radio, time, backlight, graphic equaliser and playlist controls.

Finally, Logic3 has also announced two iPad docks - the i-Station Base and the i-Station Podium.

logic3 i station docks have six appeal image 2

The Base is a simple docking station with a small speaker on board, and offers charging as well as a free app for clock, calendar, alarm function, sleep function, weather information, EQ function control, nature sounds and world time. It's £59.99.

logic3 i station docks have six appeal image 4

The funky looking Podium has a 2.0 speaker system to go with it's Star Trek style looks and offers portrait or landscape docking. It also works with the free app and is £10 more than the Base at £69.99.

The range is available now from most major retailers including HMV, Micro Anvika, Next, Amazon, Play.com and Logic3.com.