Meridian, the brand for people with big audio needs and even bigger wallets, has announced the arrival of its first ever mini system, made up of two new products.

The DSP3200 compact digital active loudspeaker and the Audio Core 200 stereo audio controller team up for Meridian's new system, which will cost you a few G's as Pocket-lint's Irish-American gangster cousin would say.

For your money you'll be getting a complete system that Meridian states will "deliver powerful, room-filling sound with the performance of a conventional system many times the size".

The speakers have DSP on board and a wide-range driver that lets the DSP crossover frequency be well outside the speech band, with dynamic bass protection and accurate transients.

The Audio Core 200 is "perfect for bringing together all audio sources". It boasts Meridian's resolution enhancement technologies such as an apodising filter and upsampling whilst a stereo width control optimises the stereo stage, "freeing the sound from the loudspeakers, making it even bigger and more natural".

You can also hook it up to pretty much any audio source including your PC  via USB.

The Audio Core 200 has sleek looking front-panel controls and an auto-dimming OLED display. It connects to the DSP3200 speakers via SpeakerLink which is a single wire.

Both devices are available in high-gloss black or white and combined will cost £5,250. You can pick up both components on their own as well, the DSP3200 at £3,750 and the Audio Core 200 for £1,500. They'll be hitting the shops in January.