Teufel has announced the launch of the Concept D 500 THX PC speakers; a THX Multimedia certified 2.1 PC stereo speaker set that "redefines PC audio".

The powerful speaker set appear to pack a real punch as its centrepiece boasts 300 watt Class D subwoofer, which stands nearly half a metre tall and is equipped with two 165mm bass drivers.

Add to this two 2-way satellite speakers - each containing a 100mm mid-to-low-range driver and a 19mm waveguide tweeter - and the result is, what looks to be, a pretty impressive all-round package.

A whole host of accessories will also be available for the Concept D 500 THX, which includes spikes for a solid footing, and wall-mount attachments; a wired remote control serves as a power switch, a volume and bass regulator and a port for headphone and microphone jacks.

All this, however, comes at a price, and a big price at that - yours for £449. The system is available now from teufelaudio.co.uk.