Teufel has unleashed the RearStation 4 which offers a wireless audio solution in both your living room and around the house.

The wireless audio transmitter and receiver enables you to convert any wired speaker set, whether that be your 5.1 surround sound setup, or your music stereo speakers.

The Teufel RearStation 4 could therefore, with an audio input such as your MP3 player, or CD system, become a wireless hub for music - beaming it around your house. It supports up to three additional receivers, so you could have it in four different rooms.

The receiver packs an integrated 80W two-channel Teufel amplifier, so you don't need an external amplifier and, "when coupled with a Teufel stereo speaker set, the two effectively become a fully active speaker package with Teufel’s trademark superb sound quality".

The Teufel RearStation 4 is available now for £269 from teufelaudio.co.uk. Expansion kits for the multi-room setup are £179.