Gear 4 seems to drop its HouseParty docking stations faster that Pocket-lint's guts after a night out on Brick Lane.

And whilst the range continues to add new features, this is the first time we've seen any internet radio action on board.

And what's more, the HouseParty Airwave can also be controlled over Wi-Fi using a free app on your iOS device. This means that you can search and control internet radio stations (as well as DAB ones, and old-fashioned FM ones too) and even control a docked iPod or iPhone too. The app also displays the current song title, artist and radio station information as well.

Back to the dock though, and it's a sleek looking little device, with 20W speakers, that also supports music streaming from a media storage device, as well as an Aux-in, if you're in the anti-Apple brigade.

Priced at a penny shy of £150, the Gear4 House Party Airwave is available now.