Pocket-lint is always more than a little wary of any company describing its products as intelligent, as clearly it's a huge whopper. However that's precisely how Jawbone describes its new JAMBOX.

Not only is the JAMBOX, apparently, the "world's first intelligent wireless speaker and speakerphone", it's a "breakthrough in sound, wireless computing and design".

Basically what you're getting here is a speaker which can connect via Bluetooth to any compatible devices you might have, such as phones, computers, iPads and the like. However, it also doubles as a speaker phone, meaning hands-free chatting - very handy.

That sounds all well and good, but where does the "intelligence" come into the equation? Well it appears Jawbone is confusing intelligence with convenience and some nifty innovation, as the device has the ability to be updated with apps, software and new features at Jawbone’s online platform, MyTALK.

Some of these new features include Audio alerts which let you know battery life, caller ID and the like, whilst the JAMBOX can also be personalised with voice and language options.

The design looks fairly nifty, and sound should be decent from its two acoustic drivers.

Styles include the imaginatively named "Blue Wave", "Black Diamond", "Grey Hex" and "Red Dot". The JAMBOX will be available at jawbone.com from 28 November for £159.99.