So you like your music, you have stacks of it stored in lossless quality on your computer and really want to share it all with that state of the art sound system you've invested in.

Trouble is, says Arcam, the moment you try and stream music from your laptop or desktop computer to said hi-fi you are trashing the quality because your computer, understandably, just isn't up to the job.

In steps the rDAC, a product launched earlier in the year that promises to clean up the quality of that stream, upgrading the tracks you play to the best of its abilities so audiophiles can listen to music the way it was supposed to be.

Great, so what gives here? Well the trouble with the original rDAC was that it was a wired offering that meant your computer, the box, and your sound system had to be fairly close to each other for the whole system to work. If the system wasn't, then your house would end up being covered in a trail of wires - something Mrs Pocket-lint wouldn't be all too happy about.

Now the company is about to launch the rDAC KW, a wireless offering that works by sticking a dedicated USB dongle in your computer, whereby it handles the streaming from your computer to the new rDAC KW device, which is hidden behind your hi-fi.

The new offering is basically identical to the old offering apart from now, it has a stonking big aerial sticking out the back. 

The new Arcam rDAC KW should cost around £300 when it comes out in the next couple of weeks, and means that you can experience decent quality sound wherever your music happens to be.